Atari Teenage Riot: Is This Hyperreal?.. A Protest Album For The Google Generation (8.5/10)

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Atari Teenage Riot well known as a notorious electric band on early '90s, they are electro pioneers, after did some hiatus in long long time, and now they start to release a new album called Is This Hyperreal?, Atari Teenage Riot have never quite been handed the credit they're surley due, and their re-emergence has been something of a muted affair, even if the noise they're continuing to make isn't, Atari Teenage Riot is the best electro band who have comeback on this year

They are legend, yess we glad they back to this music industry, Atari Teenage Riot were experimenting with electro when the rest of the world was grunge on Nirvana golden era. Front man Alec Empire (who went on to have something of a solo career and also dabbled as a DJ and producer) has described Is This Hyperreal? as "a protest album for the Google generation" what the hell about google generation??? hahhaha, all the people get doomed by them, and his mission statement is clearly set out from the very beginning. Opening track Activate is brutal from the first note; a shower of bullets announces their return, along with an eerie voice-over: "If they were tearing your world apart, would you intervene? Music is the weapon, sounds like a threat..." said Alec Empire


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