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Calling All Astronauts New Single "Welcome to The Black Bloc" : Anti-Fascist Anthem

Good news from Calling All Astronauts, the band have once again teamed up with double Grammy winning producer Alan Branch (NIN U2, Depeche Mode) with the release of “Welcome To The Black Bloc” new single. will be Out 29th May
Brand new single "Welcome To The Black Bloc" is an Anti-Fascist anthem for those who are tired of the populists targeting minority groups and are willing to stand against them. This blistering new single and captivating video sees Calling All Astronauts plant a firm foot into Industrial Metal, and is taken from their colossal new album, #Resist, which is out on Friday 5th June

Warmhouse : 80's New Wave Band from Apulian Italy Indie Music Scene

Greetings from Italy, let me introduce amazing band called Warmhouse, an Apulian (Italy) Indie-Rock trio with new wave and alternative influences. Mixed between 80's and 90's new wave music, just like Interpol X The Strokes, Warmhouse debut EP called 1984 is out on May 22nd
Warmhouse already released new single on May 11th called Molko Monday. For your information The songs are recorded and mixed by great producer and musician MAKAI (Dario Tatoli). 
TRACKLIST: 1. 1984 2. Molko Monday 3. Marble 4. Pearl Moon
LINE-UP: ● Francesco Elios Coviello - lead vocals, synths, lyrics ● Agostino Nestola - guitars, synths, art concept ● Davide Cimmarusti - drums, backing vocals ● Pasquale Monti - bass guitar

Italian Indie Rock Band : Mida Maze Have Released The First Album "Happy Death"

Hello dear friends, let me introduce amazing band from Italy called Mida Maze, lead by Floriana on vocals/guitars, Mida Maze is an Italian DIY indie-rock band.
Mida Maze bring some good news, the band have released debut album on March 1st, 2020, The very first album called "Happy Death", Mida Maze also have shared their latest music video "Scary Bed" on their social media platforms
Mida Maze Members are: Floriana Chiaramonte (vocals/guitars) - Umberto Duca (bass/synth) - Misa Asci (drums)

Minos : Electronica One Man Band from Brussels Belgium Music Scene

Let me introduce electronica instrumental one man band called Minos, Minos is a Swiss one man band homebased in Brussels, Belgium. Minos is an electronica instrumental project mixed with B-movies and soundtracks project
Minos music influenced by post-punk and krautrock. It mainly contains electronica and electro-accoustic harp parts, but also some other "organic" instruments like guitar and bass-guitar for example
Good news.. Minos have released new debut album, contains 12 tracks debut album released in April 2020 on Red Maze Records (Benelux, Germany, France), GPS Prod (Switzerland, France) and Strange Arts Events (Southeast Asia). The item will be available on digital and on a limited 300 ex. black vinyl

Asking Alexandria Have Relased New Album "Like a House on Fire" (Video)

Good news from Sumerian Records, Asking Alexandria have released new album called Like a House on Fire, the new album is bring back some old memories for alternative emo music lovers, Asking Alexandria new single "I Don't Need You" sounds sentimental, powerful alternative emo music and a little bit details with the lyrics
This single taken from their new album Like a House on Fire, They build new music, good by Metal core music, let me take some new alternative emo music, for now
The lyrics is deep, 
Cause I don’t need you to tell me who I am or what I’m meant to be I don’t need you to make up my mind There’s gotta be another way, a better way There’s so much I wanted to say but I can’t find the words to  I don’t need you

image source: Andreas Lawen, Fotandi / CC BY-SA ( video source: Sumerian Records Youtube 

Alice Cooper Have Released New Single "Don't Give Up" : Message for Covid-19 Warriors

Alice Cooper finally have released a new single, "Don't Give Up" new single is special to addresses Covid-19 fighters, Alice Cooper is bringing up a strong message of positive energy during this scary and uncertain time. Alice Cooper nailed it, cool stuff from heavy metal legend
Music videos are cool, completed with overlaying videos of fans playing instruments and holding up the song’s lyrics over a giant CGI globe. According to Blabbermouth, this music videos produced remotely by Bob Ezrin, the music video uses clips from over 20,000 fan videos. 
Alice Cooper told to press, “We’re all in this together,” he told Rolling Stone. “Whether you’re entertainer or fan, rich or poor, male or female, old or young. And we’ll get through this together. And when we do, we’ll be back on the road, doing what we love to do.”
Alice Cooper message is clear how all of us facing the coronavirus right now — the entire world — must stand together. “Our enemy is a cold, indiscriminate monster,”…

Watch Deftones Diamond Eyes 10th Anniversary New Video Visualizer Track by Track (Video)

Deftones bring back "This Place is Death" with amazing visualizer video, "This Place is Death" is taken from Diamond Eyes 10 Year Anniversary Merch Capsule, Deftones is an American Alternative Metal band from Sacramento, California.

Deftones are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their sixth album with positive energy, they have released official video visualizer from Diamond Eyes album, not only "This Place is Death" video, Deftones also throw new video visualizer for "976-Evil" , "Prince" , "Risk" 

Deftones also released "976-Evil" track with video visualizer, and more tracks from Diamond Eyes 10th Anniversary edition, you can watch the videos here :

image source / CC BY-SA ( ; tofoli.douglas flickr video source : Deftones youtube channel

Van Wanko : American Britpop Style from Netherlands Music Scene

Hello dear friends good to see you again, let me introduce American Britpop band Van Wanko, the band coming from The Hague Netherlands indie music scene, First impression about their first single "Waiting for a Miracle" is cool, loves the intro, they bring some new style how to playing early 90' music with happy and full of smile, if you like The Beatles, Oasis and 90's Britpop band, you will like this band, the composition, upbeat tempo, positive energy and guitar solo is awesome, simple but top notch
Every member of the Van Wanko band surely have a good musical skills, good taste of rock and roll. We can say this is the mature version of Oasis, need more track to getting more deep about Van Wanko's music, simple music with classic musical taste. The power of their music is the composition packed with the guitar riffs, vocals by all member, drum tempo, nice bass line and their positive energy
As reported from their press release VAN WANKO : American Britpop from T…

Watch The 1975 - Me & You Together Song Video taken from New Album "Notes On A Conditional Form"

Wow here we go again, The 1975 have released new video from their upcoming album, the new single "Me & You Together Song" already published on their social media platforms with Live Video format, The 1975 did great job for their fans, to cheer up the The 1975 fans on this quarantine era, they are back with Black and White style, the root style from the band, some vivid video 

Just for notes, this Music video by The 1975 performing Me & You Together Song for YouTube Session © 2020 Dirty Hit, under exclusive licence to Polydor Records and Interscope Records

Cemetery Sex Fairies : 80's New Wave Sounds from Bonn Cologne Germany

Hello dear friends, let me introduce Cemetery Sex Fairies, new wave band with sentimental romance taste, The band bring new wave music packed with madness of seduction, addiction, love-hurts and dark pop, Cemetery Sex Fairies Founded in summer 2019
Cemetary Sex Fairies are Tinka, Belle and Prof. Pan from Bonn (Germany), and now have released debut album „The Liquid Source of Joy and Horror“ on May 1st published at IndieGodRecords. Let's talk about their debut album, The first track "Liquid Luck" coming with straight forward chorus and simply upbeat tempo, "Tanz Allein" track bring some cool guitar riffs, another upbeat tempo packed with unique synthwave sounds
New Single from Marshmello X Halsey

Our fave track is "Wide and Dark", you can find the 80's new wave sounds with some extra sugar, sweet 80's romance and nice tempo, you will love their vocals melodies
Facebook:   Instagram: https://www.instagra…

Watch Gorillaz's New Song Pay Tribute to Tony Allen "How Far?" (Video)

Gorillaz's New Song Pay Tribute to Tony Allen

Tony Allen has died last Thursday, our deepest condolences to the Tony Allen family, The Visual Cartoon band Gorillaz has released their latest single, “How Far?” pay tribute to the late well known Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen, who features on the song along with Skepta. As we said before Allen died last Thursday, Tony Allen was a pioneer of the Afrobeat genre, he drumming with Fela Kuti for 15 years.

Gorillaz leader Damon Albarn was Allen’s bandmate and friends in many music project like the band Good, the Bad and the Queen, music partner on other music projects like Rocket Juice & The Moon.

Meanwhile, the single “How Far?” is the latest single in Gorillaz’ Song Machine series. The video visual looks like the Gorillaz band member has great respect for him and therefore also for his spirit

image source : Wonker from London, United Kingdom / CC BY (
video source: Gorillaz Youtube

Jimmy Eat World Cover Crooked Fingers's Song "Call to Love" Featuring Bethany Cosentino (Video)

Jimmy Eat World is back, they has released a cover of the sweet song "Call to Love" audio version on their social media platforms, "Call to Love" also featuring Bethany Cosentino, well known as a former child actress, Bethany Cosentino also as a music songwriter with specific genre like power pop, surf pop and indie rock with her band Best Coast

"Call to Love" originally by indie band Crooked Fingers, written by Eric Bachmann, "Call to Love" taken from the Crooked Fingers album “Dignity and Shame” produced by Merge Records

The Lyrics:

Those fancy things your new boy bought you for won't save a jaded girl like you
So I must question what you take me for, I know for him your love is not true
So while, while you lay with that joker tonight, my friend
And his love just ain't doing you right again
Won't you hear my heart
I'm transmitting a call to love

It's true I heard a birdy say your name
But I'm a straight talk woman, got…

Watch Full Version Beastie Boys Story on Reddit AMA After Party, Hilarious and Full of Laugh (Video)

Long live Beastie Boys, yeah the band is one of our fave 90's Hip-hop band, Finally Beastie Boys story have aired on Apple TV, for the sake of the Beastie Boys new documentary called "Beastie Boys Story", The band made some live stream event with Reddit for an AMA After Party session with Spike Jonze

The livestream event also invited Beastie Boys die hard fans and a few special guests. The whole video is hilarious, full of joke and make you laugh out loud, the silliness is something a mess hahahaha, Long live Mike D, Adam MCA, Adam Yauch and Adam Horovitz

video source : Beastie Boys Youtube
image source : WikiLaurent / CC BY-SA ( ; Maddy Julien / CC BY-SA (

Watch Mark Morton and Willie Adler Guitar playthrough of "Memento Mori" from Lamb of God's New Album (Video)

Lamb of God new album with self-titled due out June 19, 2020, The band wanna keep in touch with all Lamb of God die hard fans, Recently Lamb of God have released something cool video, The band publish new video Memento Mori with Guitar Playthrough,

What a cool video from Lamb of God, from Guitar department Mark Morton and Willie Adler killer duo bring powerful guitar playthrough of "Memento Mori" from Lamb of God's self-titled album

For your information, Lamb of God is an American metal core band from Richmond, Virginia USA. The band Formed in 1994 as Burn the Priest, Lamb of God band member are: bassist John Campbell, vocalist Randy Blythe, guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler, and drummer Art Cruz

image source: Stefan Brending
video source : Lamb of God Youtube

Marshmello X Halsey New Single "Be Kind" : Remind You to Be Kind and Good to Others (Video)

What a great music colloaboration, Marshmello X Halsey have released new single "Be Kind", The Halsey's music more extravagant and dominated the whole song, Marshmello's music getting more wiser and calm, bring some positive energy to the world, this music is to remind you to be kind and good to others


Wanna believe, wanna believe
That you don't have a bad bone in your body (Body)
But the bruises on your ego make you go
Wild, wild, wild, yeah
Wanna believe, wanna believe
That even when you're stone cold you're sorry
Tell me why you gotta be so out of your mind? Yeah

[Pre-Chorus: Halsey]
I know you're chokin' on your fears
Already told you I'm right here
I will stay by your side every night

[Chorus: Halsey]
I don't know why you hide from the one
And close your eyes to the one
Mess up and lie to the one that you love
When you know you can cry
To the one, always confide
In the one, you can be kind to
The one that you love