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In Terms of Feeling Nostalgic, Missing Someone or Falling in Love... Try Listen This Music Video..

In terms of "feeling nostalgic", we need to share some love song from 70's till 80's music from the legendary band, feeling nostalgic çause of falling in love, homesick, missing someone special, or other nostalgic feeling you feel right now, oh one for sure, how we miss good old days... 
The first of all, 
1. Starship - Nothing Gonna Stop Us Now

2. REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling 

3. Bad English - When I See You Smile 

4. Journey - Faithfully 

5. Air Supply - I Can Wait Forever 

The 1975 New Music Video "What Should I Say": Weird but Cool (Video)

Good news for The 1975's fans, the band have been released new video "What Should I Say" , they bring some extra ordinary music video, some 3D graphic plus some confusing parts, but this is The 1975 music video, everything is cool  Enjoy this video 

Bring Me The Horizon New Single "Parasite Eve" : An Anthem of Hope

Bring Me The Horizon have been released new single called "Parasite Eve", one of the top notch message from Bring Me The Horizon during Coronavirus era, another cool words from the band "please remain calm.. the end has arrived.. we cannot save you.. enjoy the ride.." truly relevant during Coronavirus era

Lyrics: i’ve got a fever, don't breathe on me i'm a believer of nobody won't let me leave 'cause I've seen something hope I don't sneeze, I don't…
really we just need to fear something only pretending to feel something i know you're dying to run i want to turn you around
please remain calm the end has arrived we cannot save you enjoy the ride this is the moment you’ve been waiting for don’t call it a warning this is a war
it’s the parasite eve gotta feeling in your stomach, ‘cause you know that it’s coming for you leave your flowers and grieve don’t forget what they told you when we forget the infection will we remember the lesson if the suspense doesn’t k…

New Track From Fallen Kings, American Rock Band From Arizona

Hell-o friends, all metal head fans… let me introduce new tracks from Fallen Kings, the band bring progressive metal core music more atmospheric, Fallen Kings is an American Rock band from Arizona USA
First track, Covid 69 (King Bob X King Nolan X King Gacy) sounds deep with long atmospheric intro, and then kick hard with metal core sense, the dark side of the Covid virus has been explored with great musical approach, totally chaos, heavy metal guitar riffs meet the death growl screaming vocal is cool, the bad damage of the Covid virus described well in this music, band member already have a great musical skill.
Meanwhile Allthelove track (King Nolan X King Gacy) flow like a water, easy listening with punk rock music, Blink 182 surely one of their music influencer, female background vocal is also great placement 
Interlude track (King Nolan X King Gacy) comes with nice melodic piano sounds, loveable track, dark romantic is here, you can find some majestic sounds from the piano, synth and…

Listen Neil Young New Single "Vacancy" from Homegrown Album, Simple Classic Blues is Here

Neil Young have been released his single "Vacancy" for his upcoming new album called "Homegrown", Neil Young bring some "old but gold" music idea, simplicity and vintage sounds is one of his focus, Homegrown album available worldwide on June 19th
Vacancy represent how simple blues music with minimalist chord can cheers your day, easy listening and deep lyric

Interpol X Fleet Foxes X Day of The Dead... Here is Muzz "Knuckleduster" Music Video

Can you imagine Interpol X Fleet Foxes X Day of The Dead making new music, nice and awesome result, the band is an American super group, post punk root is here... New York city post punk root, Muzz consists Paul Banks (Interpol), Josh Kaufman (Day of The Dead) and Matt Barrick (Fleet Foxes, The Walkmen)
Music composition are complex, detail sounds with extra flute, piano, warm snare drums, guitar riffs and Paul voice is everything.. perfecto

The band deliver new music video "Knuckleduster" on their social media platforms

Watch For Tracy Hyde on DreamGaze Worldwide Session (Video)

For Tracy Hyde... one of our fave Japanese band, they bring shoegaze and dream pop tone more friendly for new fans, Lets watch For Tracy Hyde on DreamGaze Worldwide Session..
More info about the band, For Tracy Hyde are Ma-shi-san (Director), U-1 (Guitar). Natsubot (Guitar), Mav (Bass), Eureka (Vocalist)

Gorillaz Song Machine Series Season One, Episode Four "Friday 13th" Feat. Octavian

Gorillaz bring new cool stuff, the band have been released Episode Four, oke here is the complete detail, Song Machine Series Season One, Episode Four : Friday 13th feat Octavian, Gorillaz music sounds more mature and simple, the video is great, Octavian playing the Friday 13th more darkness

Here is the complete lyrics: 
[Verse 1: Octavian] I been drinkin' and smokin' too much, that shit damages Gimme a lot, I can do it myself, I can manage it Two Xans, I gotta leave, and you know how it is You and me, we can take on the world, we can be savages
[Pre-Chorus: Octavian] I called my dealer, said, "Share the white with all of us" (Light) I told him, "We've been so nice, don't turn on us" (Don't turn on us) Is it funny how the times flies by (Flies by) so fast? If we do all of these lines, we go up
[Chorus: Octavian] (Oh) And if I look into your eyes, I make you realize (Oh) I can realize, oh (I can realize)
[Break: Octavian] Fuck, I meant to just, rhyme to this (Ra…

Machine Gun Kelly X Travis Barker Playing Killing in The Name (Rage Against The Machine Cover)

Machine Gun Kelly bring back the hype of Killing in The Name by Rage Against The Machine, in the name of Black Lives Matter, Machine Gun Kelly not just rapper artist, he is a bad ass singer 
Machine Gun Kelly Cover Rage Against The Machine "Killing in The Name" with Travis Barker

Radiohead Have Been Released Their Live Show in Sao Paulo Brazil (Video)

Once again... great stuff from our beloved band, Radiohead have been released their live show video archives on their social media platforms, Radiohead Live in Sao Paulo Brazil in the middle of 2018, here is the full set list
00:00:08 Daydreaming 00:05:56 Ful Stop 00:11:31 15 Step 00:15:32 Myxomatosis 00:19:50 You and Whose Army? 00:23:09 All I Need 00:27:48 Pyramid Song 00:33:53 Everything in Its Right Place 00:39:11 Let Down 00:44:18 Bloom 00:50:54 The Numbers 00:56:36 My Iron Lung 01:01:54 The Gloaming 01:05:37 No Surprises 01:09:51 Weird Fishes / Arpeggi 01:16:01 2 + 2 = 5 01:19:21 Idioteque
01:25:50 Exit Music (for a Film) 01:30:54 Nude 01:35:20 Identikit 01:40:30 There There 01:46:05 Lotus Flower 01:51:11 Bodysnatchers
01:58:18 Present Tense 02:04:06 Paranoid Android 02:10:49 Fake Plastic Trees

Calling All Astronauts New Single "Welcome to The Black Bloc" : Anti-Fascist Anthem

Good news from Calling All Astronauts, the band have once again teamed up with double Grammy winning producer Alan Branch (NIN U2, Depeche Mode) with the release of “Welcome To The Black Bloc” new single. will be Out 29th May
Brand new single "Welcome To The Black Bloc" is an Anti-Fascist anthem for those who are tired of the populists targeting minority groups and are willing to stand against them. This blistering new single and captivating video sees Calling All Astronauts plant a firm foot into Industrial Metal, and is taken from their colossal new album, #Resist, which is out on Friday 5th June

Warmhouse : 80's New Wave Band from Apulian Italy Indie Music Scene

Greetings from Italy, let me introduce amazing band called Warmhouse, an Apulian (Italy) Indie-Rock trio with new wave and alternative influences. Mixed between 80's and 90's new wave music, just like Interpol X The Strokes, Warmhouse debut EP called 1984 is out on May 22nd
Warmhouse already released new single on May 11th called Molko Monday. For your information The songs are recorded and mixed by great producer and musician MAKAI (Dario Tatoli). 
TRACKLIST: 1. 1984 2. Molko Monday 3. Marble 4. Pearl Moon
LINE-UP: ● Francesco Elios Coviello - lead vocals, synths, lyrics ● Agostino Nestola - guitars, synths, art concept ● Davide Cimmarusti - drums, backing vocals ● Pasquale Monti - bass guitar

Italian Indie Rock Band : Mida Maze Have Released The First Album "Happy Death"

Hello dear friends, let me introduce amazing band from Italy called Mida Maze, lead by Floriana on vocals/guitars, Mida Maze is an Italian DIY indie-rock band.
Mida Maze bring some good news, the band have released debut album on March 1st, 2020, The very first album called "Happy Death", Mida Maze also have shared their latest music video "Scary Bed" on their social media platforms
Mida Maze Members are: Floriana Chiaramonte (vocals/guitars) - Umberto Duca (bass/synth) - Misa Asci (drums)

Minos : Electronica One Man Band from Brussels Belgium Music Scene

Let me introduce electronica instrumental one man band called Minos, Minos is a Swiss one man band homebased in Brussels, Belgium. Minos is an electronica instrumental project mixed with B-movies and soundtracks project
Minos music influenced by post-punk and krautrock. It mainly contains electronica and electro-accoustic harp parts, but also some other "organic" instruments like guitar and bass-guitar for example
Good news.. Minos have released new debut album, contains 12 tracks debut album released in April 2020 on Red Maze Records (Benelux, Germany, France), GPS Prod (Switzerland, France) and Strange Arts Events (Southeast Asia). The item will be available on digital and on a limited 300 ex. black vinyl

Asking Alexandria Have Relased New Album "Like a House on Fire" (Video)

Good news from Sumerian Records, Asking Alexandria have released new album called Like a House on Fire, the new album is bring back some old memories for alternative emo music lovers, Asking Alexandria new single "I Don't Need You" sounds sentimental, powerful alternative emo music and a little bit details with the lyrics
This single taken from their new album Like a House on Fire, They build new music, good by Metal core music, let me take some new alternative emo music, for now
The lyrics is deep, 
Cause I don’t need you to tell me who I am or what I’m meant to be I don’t need you to make up my mind There’s gotta be another way, a better way There’s so much I wanted to say but I can’t find the words to  I don’t need you

image source: Andreas Lawen, Fotandi / CC BY-SA ( video source: Sumerian Records Youtube