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Go Watch Gorillaz X Robert Smith - Strange Timez (Video)

Gorillaz Single Strange Timez featuring Robert Smith, The Post Rock God from The Cure band, Strange Timez is taken from Song Machine series, Season One, Episode SixStrange Timez is Lit and top notch, Gorillaz give some nice piano tuts sounds and uptempo drum beat just like The Cure old songs, yeah Robert Smith is taking over the whole song, you can imagine The Cure new song with Gorillaz as guest starGo Watch the video Strange Timez below :
Gorillaz Strange Timez lyrics : Chorus: Robert SmithSpinnin' around the world at nightSpin around in black and whiteSpinnin' around until the Sun comes upStrange time to see the light
2DI think I've fallen onto silken thread, my head is spinningSuspended in a twilight void that keeps on givingThe looping dervish in the lodge is lost within the ringingFar away I can hear the sound of someone out there singingI'm speeding through the forest, strange echoes of BelarusWhere presidents pin badges on disconnected youthWhat would you be drea…

Deftones "Genesis" Finally Aired, Around The Fur and White Pony Vibes is Back (Video)

Deftones New Song "Genesis" have aired, the single is taken from Deftones forthcoming album, Ohms. White Pony vibes is on the way home,  Just for your information Deftones have reunited with 'Around The Fur' and 'White Pony' collaborator Terry Date to produce the Ohms AlbumGenesis music video Directed and Edited by Sebastian Kökow, with live Performance camera shot, and surely with simple visual fx, You can get Ohms Pre-order full album and limited edition merch bundles at will be Out 09.25.20. And you can Watch the music video for “Genesis” below
Deftones "Genesis" lyrics :I reject both sides of what I'm being toldI've seen right through, now I watch how wild it gets
I finally achieveBalance, balance, balance...Approaching a delayedRebirth, rebirth, rebirth...
I'm positive there's no sense to what I'm being soldYet here I go, I watch how wild we get
Oh can you taste your lifeBalanced, balanced, balance…

Bring Me The Horizon X YUNGBLUD : Obey, The Music Video Directed and Written by Oliver Sykes (Video)

Such a great combination, Bring Me The Horizon making new music with YUNGBLUD, the most teenager idol nowadays, the music contains great lyrics, the music is licensed to RCA records label, anyway the YUNGBLUD is awesome, very very blended with Bring Me The Horizon music
For your information, the music video is written, directed & edited by Oliver Sykes (Lead Singer Bring Me The Horizon) 

Here is the Bring Me The Horizon X YUNGBLUD : Obey Lyrics:another day another post-traumatic order(brainwashed and feeling fine)i bit off more than i could chew when i looked closerso i stabbed a fork in my eyethink i’m losing my fucking minddon’t know where to turn, now i’m blinddestroy yourself it feels so good to fade awaywhy, d’you want to hurt yourself?die, for something else?don’t let your conscience get in the way
obeywe hope you have a lovely dayobeyyou don’t want us to come out and playaway, now nowthere’s nothing to see hereit’s under controlwe’re only gambling with your soulobeywhatever yo…

Melody Fields New EP Broken Horse, Swedish Psychedelic Rock Sounds with Jangly Guitars

Hello friends, got some awesome upcoming new music from Coop Records Gotland, let me introduce Melody Fields -  'Broken Horse' EP, the band announce the Release date: 19 September 2020. Melody Fields is Swedish rock band
Some fresh news from the band: 
"September 19th 2020 Melody Fields release their new EP Broken Horse. The EP is recorded in Studio Parkeringshuset, where bands like Goat, Hills and The Movements previously have been recording. "
"Unlike many other contemporary psych and kraut bands Melody Fields put the classic pop song formula in focus. Sunny californian harmonies has been processed, modernised, ragafied and droneified to an honest ”here and now” experience. No retro, no seeking for effects. Melody Fields has a depth and a substance in their song writing, that feels unique in an ontherwise effect seeking scene. LA meets mystic Far East meets melancholy North. Here and now, yesterday and tomorrow, east and north and south, all melt together on the …

The Racounters Live Show From The Basement Finally Aired (Video)

The Racounters have released their video archive From The Basement full set, One of our fave band, Jack White and his friends bring some blues music more simple, good melodies, awesome tempo, nice drum composition and the solo guitar surely one of the best part of the bandHere is the Track listing:00:23 - Consolers of the Lonely04:17 - Carolina Drama12:02 - Rich Kid BluesThe live show was recorded in 2008

Beabadoobee Debut Album Fake it Flowers Brings The Charms of 90's Alternative Music

All music enthusiast of 90's movie soundtrack should know this singer, let me introduce Beabadoobee..  Beatrice Laus is a Filipino-born British singer-songwriter. She has produced so many music since 2018 in her Careers in professional music industry.
Beabadoobee has released five extended plays under Dirty Hit and has supported The 1975 band during several legs of their Music for Cars Tour. Beabadoobee was nominated for the Rising Star Award at the 2020 Brit Awards, Beabadoobee also performed at the 2020 NME Awards after winning the Radar Award
Beabadoobee music composition is unique, she bring back the ultimate simplicity of 90's music, she produces their music to cheers up her day, she did some easy 90's pop music like Mazzy Star, Pavement, Elliot Smith and Smashing Pumpkins
Beabadoobee - Sorry 

Beabadoobee - Care

image source: john on Flickr / CC BY (

Blink 182 Release The Ultimate Anthem of 2020 "Quarantine" (Video)

Southern California Punk Rock Scene band called Blink 182 is back, finally the band coming back shouting "quarantine... fuck this disease" Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba finally has released new single "Quarantine" , all Blink 182 die hard fans should love this new singleUpbeat tempo from Blink 182 is always the ultimate band signature, NOFX classic punk with Skate punk bassline is always one of the best combination, Mark Hoppus and bandmates are surely bored by this situationListen to Blink 182 new song "Quarantine" below :Blink 182 new song "Quarantine" Lyrics:I guess I’m blessed to be so fucking boredand hiding from this phantom antigenthat wants to send us to the morgueQuarantine, fuck this diseaseI’d rather be on Star Tours or stuck at the DMVQuarantine, no not for meI thought that things were fucked up in 2019Fuck quarantineSome people hit the bottle, some people hit the booksSome people storm the capitol, some second guess pare…

Glass Animals Share "It is All So Incredibly Loud" Music Video

Glass Animals share their music video "it is All So Incredibly Loud" taken from Dreamland album, The band also announces their physical album release, you can got some limited edition vinyl colourways, cassettes, and cds of the band 

British music scene is amazing, never ending list of new music with great taste, Glass Animals well known as British psychedelic pop band formed in Oxford in 2010. Glass Animals is led by singer, songwriter, and producer Dave Bayley, the band also features his childhood friends Joe Seaward, Ed Irwin-Singer and Drew MacFarlane

Glass Animals are : 
Dave Bayley: lead vocals, guitar, tambourine Drew MacFarlane: guitar, keyboards, backing vocals Ed Irwin-Singer: bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals Joe Seaward: drums

image source: Sam Prickett / CC BY-SA (, Neil Krug / CC BY-SA (, Sophieannelane / CC BY-SA ( 

Watch Welsh Sound Designer Novo Amor Single "Opaline" (Video)

Novo Amor Released Official Music Video "Opaline", taken from upcoming album "Can not be, Whatsoever" , visual imagery can transport viewers to such a "good old friendship with loved ones" era, piano's intro is everything, what a great masterpiece from Novo Amor
Anyway let me introduce Novo Amor is, he is Welsh singer, sound designer and song writer, his real name is Ali John Meredith-Lacey, he is now resides in Cardiff City

Novo Amor single "Opaline" is very relaxing sounds, his Sound designer skill is truly awesome, he made some new magic for our "friendship soundtrack" 
Keep in touch with Novo Amor :

image source: Cross-wiki upload from, Azerred / CC BY-SA ( video source: Novo Amor Youtube

Listen to Late Night Savior Single "Monster" (Video)

Hello dear friends, Rock Shop Records announces Late Night Savior new single "Monster", Nice composition and lyrics, Late Night Savior lead singer voice type similar with Wayne Richard Wells a.k.a Wayne Static X lead singer, correct me if  I'am wrong, this band deserves more recognition
Sound production and quality control is perfect, and the music video also great, Late Night Savior is set to release a new album in the spring of 2021 that will be accompanied by a National Tour.

Let me introduce this band, Late Night Savior is supported by Rock Shop Records, Late Night Savior origin from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA,the band has released their first debut album, "Among the Forgotten" in 2016. The second album, "Into the Aftermath was released in 2017 and not only did the group vastly begin building their online presence and catching the eyes of regional promoters. 
As reported from their press release, The Band was awarded opening slots for National and Internat…

Weezer Share "Hero" Piano Version (Video)

Good day friends, Weezer share single Hero with piano version, Weezer music is always awesome from studio version, live show version, accoustic version or anything version, totally deep and fun, Hero piano version made my day

So you can also watch and listen to Weezer - Hero in official version below, both of them are perfect, Weezer should play this version for bonus track in every live show event
Hero piano version is more relaxing and more memorable, the fade out part of this song is the truly Weezer, how fun is that 

Weezer - Hero (Piano Version)

Weezer - Hero (Official Video version)

image source : micadew / CC BY-SA (, Brennan Schnell from Canada / CC BY ( wikimedia  video source: Weezer Youtube

From Italy Music Scene: Speed Stroke Announces New Album "Scene of The Crime"

Friends from Italy just announces their new music production, Street Symphonies Records & Burning Minds Music Group are excited to announce all the details of "Scene Of The Crime", new official studio album by hard/sleaze rockers, Speed Stroke. 
From Italy rock music scene, Speed Stroke are five guys who share a common passion for the golden times of rock and roll, when the music was played by true rockstars. Founded in Italy in 2010, the band was introduced to the international rock scene in 2011 thanks to their involvement in "Reborn In Sleaze", an official tribute album released in memory of Dave Lepard (Crashdïet). In March 2013 the band launched its S/T debut album, followed by “Fury” in 2016. Thanks to the deal signed with Bagana Rock Agency, Speed Stroke had the chance to promote their work all around Italy and abroad, sharing the stage with artists such as Reckless Love, Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar, Gotthard, Phil Campbell, Crazy Lixx, The 69 Eye…

Kill The Lights Announces Debut Album The Sinner via Fearless Records (Video)

Kill The Lights announces debut album The Sinner via Fearless Records with new single "Through The Night" , taken from upcoming album The Sinner due August 21 
Kill The Lights deliver the sickness of broken promises with perfect ways in "Through The Night", anxiety and depression is the main idea of the single, up and down mood, fear and happy and so on.. The Sinner album produced by the band member featuring Ex Bullet for My Valentine drummer Michael "Moose"Thomas 
Single "Through The Night"is very personal for James Clark , "The song very personally hits home for me," shares singer James Clark. "I have struggled for the longest time with anxiety and depression and 'Through the Night' is a snapshot of what is going through the mind of someone struggling with these types of mental health issues. The song takes you on a roller coaster ride and captures the ups and downs of someone carrying the weight of the world on their sho…

Billie Eilish New Single "My Future" : She Need to Find Her Reflection (Video)

Billie Eilish new music video with animations is fantastic, the new single "My Future" is calm and deep, the voices is stunning, yes it is because of Billie Eilish, a little Billie's humming voice is one of her main character, Billie's "My Future" voice crossfades over the calm beat, she slips into full despair 
Billie Eilish is need to stay away from the crowd, she need to be alone, she said "I'm in love... But not with anybody else... Just wanna get to know myself... Billie Eilish need to get to know herself, love it..

The pulse of this song teach you how to be alone, to find your reflection, to find yourself, to understand yourself, nice song from Billie Eilish, the video produced by Chop Studio
Here is the video and lyrics : 
Billie Eilish - My Future
I can't seem to focus And you don't seem to notice I'm not here I'm just a mirror You check your complexion To find your reflection's all alone I had to go Can't you hear me? I'm no…

Muzz Released New Music Video "Summer Love" : So Vintage (Video)

Okey it is happening now, Muzz finally has released official music video for single "Summer Love", this awesome video edited by Muzz's lead singer Paul Banks himself, we can say this single "Summer Love" is surely dedicated for family and loved ones of Muzz band member, awesome animations and visuals, simplicty and love-able video
Black and white, vintage visuals, spontaneous clip and summer breeze is the main characters

Summer Love is easy listening music, American super group Muzz has created some post punk with mature version, bass line is kind a vintage sounds, the detail of acoustic guitar sound is very very less, but it can drive the whole music from start to the end

Muzz - Summer Love lyrics : 
I'm in the race, I'm on the get-go I wanna skate, I want the X-O (I want the X-O) One, two, three
Summer love Summer love ends Summer love Summer love ends Silence is sung That we won't remember
Summer love (yeah) Summer love ends And, and the silence is sung That we w…