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Jimmy Eat World Cover Crooked Fingers's Song "Call to Love" Featuring Bethany Cosentino (Video)

Jimmy Eat World Cover Crooked Fingers's Song "Call to Love" Featuring Bethany Cosentino (Video)

Jimmy Eat World is back, they has released a cover of the sweet song "Call to Love" audio version on their social media platforms, "Call to Love" also featuring Bethany Cosentino, well known as a former child actress, Bethany Cosentino also as a music songwriter with specific genre like power pop, surf pop and indie rock with her band Best Coast

"Call to Love" originally by indie band Crooked Fingers, written by Eric Bachmann, "Call to Love" taken from the Crooked Fingers album “Dignity and Shame” produced by Merge Records

The Lyrics:

Those fancy things your new boy bought you for won't save a jaded girl like you
So I must question what you take me for, I know for him your love is not true
So while, while you lay with that joker tonight, my friend
And his love just ain't doing you right again
Won't you hear my heart
I'm transmitting a call to love

It's true I heard a birdy say your name
But I'm a straight talk woman, got no time for games
Don't need my heart kicked around the block no more
You may be smooth talking daddy but I've heard it all before

So I don't care if you're making that sound
No heart receives love when it's broken down
So how am I supposed to hear
Or take heed to this call to love?

I found a hundred different ways to say that I am not in love with you
Or maybe more if I was sure but I'd be lying not to be your fool
So come on, love is a fine thing to take a chance on
Send it back before the signal is gone
Oh, won't you call to me?
Won't you send me your call to love?

So come on, love is a fine thing to take a chance on
Send it back before the signal is gone
Oh, won't you answer me?
I'm transmitting a call to love
Oh, won't you answer me?
I'm transmitting your call to love

image source : Foto: Stefan Brending wikimedia
video source : Jimmy Eat World Youtube


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