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Radiohead Have Been Released Their Live Show in Sao Paulo Brazil (Video)

Once again... great stuff from our beloved band, Radiohead have been released their live show video archives on their social media platforms, Radiohead Live in Sao Paulo Brazil in the middle of 2018, here is the full set list


00:00:08 Daydreaming
00:05:56 Ful Stop
00:11:31 15 Step
00:15:32 Myxomatosis
00:19:50 You and Whose Army?
00:23:09 All I Need
00:27:48 Pyramid Song
00:33:53 Everything in Its Right Place
00:39:11 Let Down
00:44:18 Bloom
00:50:54 The Numbers
00:56:36 My Iron Lung
01:01:54 The Gloaming
01:05:37 No Surprises
01:09:51 Weird Fishes / Arpeggi
01:16:01 2 + 2 = 5
01:19:21 Idioteque

01:25:50 Exit Music (for a Film)
01:30:54 Nude
01:35:20 Identikit
01:40:30 There There
01:46:05 Lotus Flower
01:51:11 Bodysnatchers

01:58:18 Present Tense
02:04:06 Paranoid Android
02:10:49 Fake Plastic Trees


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