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Bring Me The Horizon X YUNGBLUD : Obey, The Music Video Directed and Written by Oliver Sykes (Video)

Bring Me The Horizon X YUNGBLUD : Obey,

Such a great combination, Bring Me The Horizon making new music with YUNGBLUD, the most teenager idol nowadays, the music contains great lyrics, the music is licensed to RCA records label, anyway the YUNGBLUD is awesome, very very blended with Bring Me The Horizon music

For your information, the music video is written, directed & edited by Oliver Sykes (Lead Singer Bring Me The Horizon) 

Here is the Bring Me The Horizon X YUNGBLUD : Obey Lyrics:

another day another post-traumatic order

(brainwashed and feeling fine)

i bit off more than i could chew when i looked closer

so i stabbed a fork in my eye

think i’m losing my fucking mind

don’t know where to turn, now i’m blind

destroy yourself it feels so good to fade away

why, d’you want to hurt yourself?

die, for something else?

don’t let your conscience get in the way


we hope you have a lovely day


you don’t want us to come out and play

away, now now

there’s nothing to see here

it’s under control

we’re only gambling with your soul


whatever you do, just don’t wake up and smell the corruption

another day another systematic nightmare

commemorate a wonderful life

bite me first i’ll bite you back

melodramatic laughter

i stabbed a knife in my eye

think i’m out my fucking mind

brainwashed and i’m feeling fine 

destroy yourself it feels too good to fade away

why, do i want to hurt myself?

should i die for something else?

i let my conscience get in the way


we hope you have a lovely day


you don’t want us to come out and play

away, now now

there’s nothing to see here

it’s under control

we’re only gambling with your soul


whatever you do, just don’t wake up and smell the corruption

when your freedom is lethal

tell me how you’re going to hurt yourself

you call yourselves peaceful

you monsters are people

you fucking monsters are people


we’re gonna show you how to behave


it’s nicer when you can’t see the chains


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